The Spider's Web Pub
Station Road, Dyce. AB21 7BA
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Spider's Web Dining


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More and restaurants are turning to their local producers for fresh foods and we are particularly well favoured here in Aberdeenshire with some of the best meat, fish and locally grown fruit and vegetables in Scotland.

There are several good reasons why we use local produce as we have been for many years. Freshness and Taste are very important factors to our chef's but Economy and Environment play an important part as well.

  • Freshness

    Commercial, large scale producers grow fruit and veg that are bio-engineered to withstand travel over long distances. Local foods travel a fraction of that distance yet still maintain their appearance, taste and nutrients, without any meddling.
  • Locally Grown Taste Better

    Anyone with a garden can attest to the fact that home grown tastes better. Just like homemade bread beats the normal supermarker variety, wholesale vegetables and fruits just don’t compare to local garden goods.
  • Support Local Economy 

    It never hurts to support your local economy. This keep your money in the local community and helps to foster relationships with other business people in our area. 
  • Protect Local Environment

    Supporting local farmers helps keep them in business, which in turns keeps the countryside intact. They live here as well and want to protect our local environment just as much as you but they need our help and support to ensure they can compete against the large, commercial producers.
Come and dine at Spider's Web for a delicious meal and and help boost the local economy, local producers and the local environment while you're at it.

Download our menu's here:- Lunch Menu - Evening Menu - Sunday Roast - Gluten Free Lunch - Gluten Free Evening - Snack Menu - Vegan Menu - Kids Menu - Christmas Menu - Hogmanay Menu

Opening Times

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