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The Spiders Web

Spider's Web Pub - Weekly Menu

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    Homemade Soup of the Day   £4.25

Freshly prepared every day, served with a fresh baked roll and butter.

    Haggis Bon Bons   £4.95

Lightly battered and served with a Whiskyr sauce

    Loaded Potato Skins   £5.25

Served with cheese, bacon, soured cream and salad 

    Warm Beef Tomato and Mozzarella Tower   £4.95
  Drizzled with a balsamic glaze     
    Char-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad   £9.25

Chicken on a bed of gem lettuce, served with parmesan shavings,Caesar dressing and handmade fresh thyme croutons 

    Prawn Marie Rose Salad   £9.25
  Prawns bound in a marie rose sauce, served with salad leaves and coleslaw    
    Home Baked Honey Roast Gammon Salad   £9.25
Cooked with cloves & whole grain mustard & served with boiled egg, salad leaves, coleslaw of the day, cheddar cheese & homemade caramelized red onion chutney
Omelettes (3 Egg)
    Your choice of delicious fillings, served with house salad & fries   £7.45
Cheese (V)
Cheese and Tomato (V)
Ham and Cheese
Ham and Mushroom
Roasted Peppers (V)
Sandwich or Wrap Selection
    Choose from a Tortilla Wrap, White or Wholemeal Bread served with house salad, coleslaw & crisps   £5.75
BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato)
Ham & Cheese
Chicken Mayo
Coronation Chicken
Tuna Mayo
Prawn Marie Rose
(V) Cheddar Cheese & Pickle
(V) Roasted Vegetable & Mozzarella Cheese
(V) Egg Mayo
    Combo with Soup   £8.25
Panini Selection
    With your choice of delicious fillings, served with house salad, coleslaw & crisps   £7.95
Cheddar Cheese & Ham
Coronation Chicken
Tuna Mayo & Cheddar Cheese
(V) Roasted Vegetables & Mozzarella Cheese
    Combo with Soup   £9.95
Baked Potatoes
    With your choice of delicious fillings, served with house salad and coleslaw   £7.95

(V) Cheddar Cheese
Tuna Mayo
Prawn Marie Rose
Chilli & Cheese
Chicken Curry
Steak & Caramelised Onion (£1.50 extra)


6oz, 100% chargrilled beef or chicken burger in a toasted Briache bun served with tomato jam & lettuce, house salad, coleslaw & fries

    Beef Burger   £8.45
    Chicken Burger   £8.45
    Cheese & Bacon Burger   £9.75
    Chilli Cheese Burger   £9.75
    Flat Cap Mushroom & Goats Cheese Burger (V)   £9.75
  Marinated flat cap mushrooms topped with melted goats cheese in a toasted Briache bun, served with tomato jam & lettuce, house salad, coleslaw & fries    
Main Courses
    Spiders Web Triple Decker Club Sandwich   £8.25
Toasted bread loaded with chicken, lettuce, bacon, tomato and mayo served with house salad and fries.
    Steak Ciabata Sandwich   £9.25
Beef strips with caramelized onion and cheese, served with coleslaw, house salad and fries
    Golden Scampi   £9.45

Served with coleslaw, homemade tartar sauce, house salad and fries

    Hand-Battered or Breaded Haddock Fillet   £10.25

Served with homemade tartar sauce, garden peas or mushy peas and fries.

    Homemade Battered or Breaded Chicken Goujons   £8.95

Served with coleslaw,  house salad & fries.
Choose homemade sweet chilli & lime mayo, garlic mayo, BBQ or Sweet & Sour dip 

    Chicken and Bacon Lasagne   £9.25
  Served with house salad & fries or garlic bread    
    Homemade Steak Pie   £10.25
  Served with seasonal vegetables, chips or boiled potatoes    
    Chilli Beef Enchiladas   £8.95
Tortilla filled with chilli beef, topped with spicy sauce & cheese, served with rice
    Chef’s Homemade Chicken Curry   £8.95

Served with basmati rice & naan bread

    (V) Broccoli and Stilton Risotto   £8.95

Served with garlic bread

    (V) Homemade Macaroni & Cheese   £8.25

Served with house salad and fries

Side Orders
    Garlic Bread   £2.25
    Cheesy Garlic Bread   £2.45
    Fries   £2.50
    Onion Rings   £2.00
    Coleslaw   £1.75
    Salad Bowl   £2.25
    Grated Cheese   £1.65
    Vegetables   £1.95
    Boiled Potatoes   £1.95
    Baked Potatoes   £2.95
    Sweet Potato Fries   £3.50
    Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding   £4.75

Served with cream or ice-cream

    Apple and Blackberry Crumble   £4.50

Served with custard or ice cream

    Homemade Tart of the Day   £4.50
  Served with cream or ice cream    
    Orange Panna Cotta   £4.95
    Selection of Ice Cream   £3.95

 Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry

    Sticky Toffee Sundae   £4.50
Teas & Coffees
    Americano   £2.10
    Espresso   £1.95
    Double Espresso   £2.25
    Cappuccino   £2.50
    Latte   £2.85
    Flavoured Latte - Caramel or Vanilla   £3.15
    Liqueur Coffee   £5.50
    Hot Chocolate   £2.95
    Tea   £1.95
    Herbal Tea - Green, Peppermint or Red Fruit   £2.15

 All coffees available De-caffeinated